THESE ARE SOUNDS collected over the last few years for live performance and radio broadcast.

Press STOP PLAY PAUSE or LOOP on multiple tracks for unique listening.

Here is the VOLUME:
Field recordings music and segments produced by Owen Fernley for his radio show o1sound.

To use this audio or for more information please contact Decomposing Pianos.

stop play Main Theme  loop  5:57
The theme to o1sound, a radioblog of recorded sounds, music and segments on CFRC, featuring a Darren Tweedy drum shuffle and the chime of the Kingston clock tower

stop play EECHO  loop  1:35
A brief moment in audio that was recorded by accident and never repeated again

stop play AmBAnt  loop  3:05
Live improvisation with a Roland Alpha Juno and a Nord Electro 2. One a digitally controlled oscillator, the other a sampled rhodes

stop play Reflections  loop  2:29
This multitrack piece is based on a drum loop by Darren Tweedy. YouTube clips are included of random people philosophizing on religion

stop play Vocal Blend  loop  3:03
Some experimental vocals and a repetitive crash cymbal, this was recorded as track 7 on Results of Hermitting, an album I made while living at a cottage on Buck Lake

stop play Neurose  loop  3:31
This neurotic piece is built using the Subtractor Synthesizer and Matrix Pattern Sequencer in Reason 3.0

stop play Dial Tone Song  loop  1:53
A sampled piece made entirely of dial tones and used in performance by TimKnightUs for their Phone Show

stop play Senet (Ambient)  loop  6:53
I was hired to write video game music for a never released game called Senet. A theme was made for the main menu and gameplay, as well as this ambient background


stop play Greetings in 50 Languages  loop  6:07
Both Voyager Space Missions carried a golden record and fifty recorded greetings for future humans (or aliens) to discover

stop play Cardinal vs Lawn Mower  loop  1:00
In the one corner, the cardinal, in the other corner, the lawn mower. Who will win?

stop play Head Had Haed Hide  loop  2:24
This is a synthetic recreation of my experience in an fMRI as I try to say "head" or "had" while a neurology student tricks my brain by feeding back my own voice into headphones. As the fMRI generates magnetic fields strong enough to suck in an office chair, an actual recording was not possible

stop play Open Mic Night  loop  8:10
A short documentary that captures the Grad Club's Wednesday Night Open Mic, circa 2008. At the time, a vibrant community showed up each and every week rarely missing a single evening

stop play The Kingston Fair  loop  5:44
This is a compilation of a visit to the Kingston Fair, set to Je n'en connais pas la fin by Jeff Buckley. There is a demolition derby and also some upsidedown time while clutching field recorders

stop play Psi Stranger  loop  1:46
Here I enter a conversation with two complete strangers about dynamic frequency range while attending a Psi-Trance show in Montreal

stop play QWERTY  loop  1:44
A prepared segment on the QWERTY keyboard for a Cognitive Dissonance episode on user interface. The episode asks if a "grey area" analogue interface such as the theremin is better than the "black and white" discrete interface of the piano keyboard

stop play Rye and Picklebrine  loop  3:42
This is an example of stunt audio. Here I drink a potent mixture of rye and picklebrine from my kitchen table and quickly discover I can't play it cool afterward