3D Modelling of highly Conductive Massive Sulphide Bodies

October 18, 2015: Society of Exploration Geophysics, Dallas, Texas

September 15, 2015: Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society, Toronto, Ontario

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3D extruded model of the Voisey's Bay conductor in Labrador, NewFoundLand.

This is a technical presentation covering a compute engine I worked on under Yves Lamontagne of Lamontagne Geophysics, Ltd. The software, called MGEM (multigrid EM), models highly conductive bodies in environments with variable conductivity. Written in Fortran, it efficiently solves large matrices of unknown electromagnetic responses with surprising speed and resolution, and is visualized with a modified version of the MultiloopGL visualizer. The talk was selected as an expanded abstract and presented at the SEG annual meeting in Dallas, Texas.

An extended version (1 hour) was presented at the Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (KEGS) in Toronto, Ontario a month earlier, September 15th, 2015.